Seacoast Half Marathon

After moving to New Hampshire in February 2012, I began to rediscover my love of run through various races with my friends. While I was far from the running shape I was in during high school cross country, I felt excited every chance I had to run 5ks as I once did on the team. I pushed myself to run 10ks and started to think about how much further I could run. I loved having the chance to run in the beautiful New Hampshire scenery and thought that maybe it could  be just as fun for 13.1 miles. Was I crazy. I followed a half marathon training plan dilligently and worked my way towards my goal. I discovered something very exciting through my training.

I discovered that it is necessary to take moments in your life to just get lost in your thoughts and be very thankful for all that you have achieved and think ahead to everything that you hope to achieve in the future. Those long training runs allowed me to escape my everyday life and just get lost in my own thoughts. It was a wonderful experience and although it often seemed tough, I could not be prouder as I crossed the finish line and completed my first half marathon ever!

seacoastHalf Marathon

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