Philadelphia Marathon

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have someone to look up to from the day I was born. No matter how many years pass by, I will always consider myself the baby sister and Laura the older sister. She has taught me so much through the years and of all those things, she taught me to learn to love running. I still have fond memories of high school track and cross country being her teammate. Even though we are no longer teammates, the lessons that she taught me to love running still live on through the years. Running taught me to never give up and to persevere even when things are tough, it taught me to push harder than I ever thought possible, and long runs have always given me an opportunity to escape the stress and worry and just let me mind be free.

I was so proud of her when she told me that she would be running in the 2012 Philadelphia Marathon and the next year I was determined to cross the 26.2 mile finish line with her. I travelled home to Philadelphia from New Hampshire and was overjoyed as we shared a sisterly hug at the finish line. Not only did I feel thankful to be done with the long miles, but happy to know that my sister had changed my life forever having introduced me to the love of running. She changed my life forever.Philadelphia Marathon 1

Philadelphia Marathon 3

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