Training for the Newburyport River Run Half Marathon

It’s hard to believe we are already four months into 2017 and I am deep into half marathon training for the Newburyport River Run Half Marathon on May 7th! My runner’s high from last year’s NYC marathon seemed to carry me through the cold winter months in New England and back into a training schedule for my upcoming half. For most of what I can remember, i have always had a love of running, but it’s completely safe to call it an addiction at this point…This past winter I invested in more running gear to keep me going. A running set of “yaktraks” had me braving the winter snowstorms and keeping my love of running alive. Let’s be honest, the treadmill is perfect for when it’s just too crappy out to run, but nothing beats the feeling of a long run on the New Hampshire coast!

Half marathon training has been going very well, but last year’s half marathon PR has left me stressed out, thinking that anything less is a failure. That’s the thing about running though, you are always setting new goals and challenging yourself. I think the bigger challenge is knowing when it’s okay to be disappointed in yourself while still being proud of all that you have accomplished. I know that there is a very solid chance that I won’t PR this year, but I want this race to be another incredible experience that I’ll never forget.

I’m very lucky as I have mentioned in previous posts to have a role model like my older sister who initially introduced me to running, and she will be joining me for this upcoming half. I am now making a pledge to myself that no matter what happens, I will be proud of myself for this race. I will make sure to take in the excitement of race day, to look away from my watch and enjoy the signs of the spectators and the cheers and high fives. I think we can all admit our flaws, right? I know that I need to spend less time being hard on myself and more time enjoying the results of a hard 12 weeks of training and think of race day as a celebration. Maybe I could even leave the running watch behind…well, baby steps, I’m not enough of a “zen runner” to be at that point yet.


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