Farewell to 2018, Ready for 2019!

As the year comes to a close, it is important to reflect back on 2018. It was a year full of change, a year full of goals, some met, some still out of reach, but throughout the year I continued to grow. While I think back on all that I accomplished, it seems very tempting to set some New Years resolutions of my very own. However, to be quite honest, I’ve never liked the “new year, new me” mantra that is constantly shoved into our faces. In the new year, you will finally lose that weight your have been trying to get rid of, you will eat “clean” every single day, and you will finally get around to doing that juice cleanse. You will go to the gym every day and never cheat on your diet. This all sounds so perfect, but the moment we slip, we fall apart. We feel like absolute failures when there is no reason to slip into this dark hole. There is no “new me”. In 2019 I will be the same me that I was in 2018, but a me who is a work in progress, a me who is constantly growing and learning from both accomplishments and also setbacks. That’s how I want to approach “me” in 2019.

So what’s in store? Quite honestly, I don’t know what’s to come exactly, but I am excited to find out.

First off, I am signed up for another half marathon! This time last year, I was deep into physical therapy trying to heal my achilles. I was banned from the roads and treadmills and spending more time than I’d like on the bike, but I was working through it. I developed a whole new appreciation for spin class (I still like running much better! 😛 ) and did the bike and modifications in my orangetheory classes. Even when the temperature reads in the teens and I am stuck wearing my balaclava all bundled up, or forced to the treadmill when the roads are too icy even for yaktraks, I will be grateful. Training for a spring half marathon in New England is definitely a challenge, but if it’s one where I get to run, I’ll take it!

Even though I am training in New England, I am looking forward to nice weather as the half marathon itself will be in Atlanta visiting my sister who just moved there last year. I am so happy to be getting a chance to spend time with her as she is the one who inspired me to get into running in the first place (see my Philadelphia marathon blog for more on that). Another new and exciting aspect of this race is that I am finally putting my RRCA coaching certification to use and coaching my sister. I created my first ever half marathon plan and she graciously volunteered to be my guinea pig!

I hope to continue to put my coaching certification to use and help many others discover a love for running as I have. It will be very difficult at first and will take a lot of practice, but starting 1×1 coaching is certainly a passion of mine.

Finally, I kicked off the year and found out this week that I was selected to be a 2019 nuun ambassador! Nuun is a company/product that has certainly helped me as I have navigated through my journey as a distance runner. Not only am I passionate about their products, but their community and mission. For more information on nuun, follow this link! https://nuunlife.com/company/our-reason-for-being/


So what are my new year’s resoultions for 2019? Simply to continue to pursue my passions and goals in life. I don’t like to set a specific start and end time for goals. We should learn from every setback and celebrate every success and help others around you to pursue their goals. So with that…Happy 2019 everyone! Please share in the comments, what are you excited about in 2019?


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One Thought to “Farewell to 2018, Ready for 2019!”

  1. Sister

    Your perseverance and progress keeps me to lacing up my shoes and trucking (I am arguably the “truck” of the Weber sisters now, Miss 3:37!). I’m so excited to run the half this year with you, and am loving my personalized schedule. Running the eight miles today was refreshing, but also make my stomach twist and turn, which would have been something a Nuun could have solved. Keep joggin’ and bloggin’.

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